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I can't find the part I need. What should I do?

We have tried to make the task of finding parts as logical and easy as possible, but we understand that there may be some uncertainty concerning the selection of the correct part. First, make sure you know the size of your pools frame. Then try to browse through the section that correlates with your frame size. If you can not find your part, please send us a message and we will help you.


Will your parts work on my pool? I do not have an Asahi or Mighty Sun pool.

Probably not. Asahi measures pools by the true size of the wall, not the frame. Some manufacturers measure to the outside edge of the frame. Other manufacturers measure to the inside of the frame, and some manufacturers have different measuring schemes than the three we've mentioned. If you purchase a part. It will be sent to you, but we will not issue a refund for an incorrect part selection. We will only issue a credit towards the correct part. If there is no correct part available because you do not have an Asahi pool, then you will not be able to receive anything of value for your purchase. Because of this, we suggest you try to get your part from your dealer or manufacturer.


Will my warranty coupon work at my pool dealer?

No. The coupon is only good for you to order parts from this Website. However, we always suggest to our current or potential customers to see if they can get a better deal from their dealers. Many dealers will want to help you in order to retain your loyalty as a customer. AsahiParts.com is only able to grant coverage explicitly written in the warranty. The dealer may see an opportunity to sell a liner and more chemicals in exchange for helping you with spare parts.


My salesperson told me that I have a 30 year warranty. Why do I have to pay for replacement parts?

Depending on the pools frame, the warranty can range from 15 years to 30 years. However, the above ground pool industry is uniform in the implementation of prorated warranties. This means that the coverage is full for anywhere between 1 and 3 years (depending on the size of your pools frame). The rest of the coverage time is prorated. This means that replacement parts will be a different price if your pool is 4 years old, or 6 years old. The older your pool gets, the less coverage you should expect. Please see our warranty page for details. This is very common in the industry. Your salesperson was not misrepresenting the warranty.


Do my warranty replacement parts come with a new warranty?

No. We handle this the same way as any other company handles their warranty. The replacement parts were covered under the original warranty and do not extend that original warranty. Imagine going to your auto-dealer to get a replacement muffler under warranty. This would not extend your cars warranty. However, if you purchase a part on this website at full value, we will guarantee it's functionality for one pool season (until December 31). This is basically to protect the customer from a defective part. Replacement parts purchased at full value are also covered under your original warranty.


I ordered the wrong parts. What should I do?

We strongly suggest that all customers check the size of the parts they are ordering. However, we understand that mistakes can happen. Send us a message explaining the problem. We will either accept or deny the return. If we accept the return, please re-box the parts and make sure that the parts will survive the trip back to us. We will tell you which address you should use to mail the parts back. When your parts arrive, we will issue you a coupon for the value of the returned parts so that you can use it towards the purchase of the correct parts.


I have a warranty coupon, but some of the parts I need are not in stock. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee availability of all products at all times. However, we do get replenishment shipments from Japan twice a year. We strive to have an abundance of parts by the spring so that customers can open their pools. If we are out of a particular item, you should expect it to come back in stock around July or next Spring. These are the two most likely times for a replenishment shipment of parts.


Why can't I find a phone number on your website?

We do not have a phone answering service. If you are unable to use email and/or computers your warranty card has directions on how to submit a claim via US Mail. A copy of the warranty card is available on the "Downloads" page located at the bottom of this page.

If you need to contact us, the quickest way to reach us is by sending a message to support@asahiparts.com.