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Terms & Conditions

The terms of purchase from AsahiParts.com are as follows:

  1. Pool Walls can not be returned due to their size. Please double check your order to make sure you have purchased the correct pool wall. If a Pool Wall arrives damaged, it is your responsibility to note the damage on the freight release. If this damage is reported on the freight release and the product is not usable, AsahiParts.com will send you a new wall.
  2. Parcel packages that arrive damaged must be photographed prior to opening so a claim can be filed in the even that the contents are also damaged. If an item arrives damaged, you should contact us and submit photos so we can determine the best way to resolve the issue.
  3. All products besides Pool Walls can be returned if:
    1. The parts sent to you were not what you had ordered. In this case, AsahiParts.com will email you a shipping label so that shipping expenses are not incurred by the customer. The total value of the products and shipping expense will be refunded to the customer.
    2. The parts sent to you were what you had ordered, but you ordered the incorrect parts. The customer is aware that if this is the case, the exchange value will not include shipping costs. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to ship back products to AsahiParts.com. Items that arrive broken will not be included in the exchange, however signs of damage to the outer package will be noted if they are visible and you would be welcome to file a damage claim with your shipper. Total value of the exchange will be given to the customer in the form of a single-use coupon for a future purchase from AsahiParts.com.
  4. The customer is aware that all items sold on AsahiParts.com are designed to fit on pools manufactured by Asahi Chemical Co. Ltd. of Japan. If you purchase a part and intend to use it on a pool manufactured by any company other than Asahi or Mighty Sun we will not issue a refund or exchange.
  5. Your credit card is being authorized for a purchase when you submit your order. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped.
  6. Credit card chargebacks are very costly to us. If the customer disputes a charge from AsahiParts.com/Taylor Hayes Inc. with their card issuing bank after products have been received by the customer, AsahiParts.com/Taylor Hayes Inc. reserves the right to take legal action to reclaim the lost funds from the transaction including all costs and fees associated with the chargeback. This includes the option of sending the transaction in question to a collections agency.
  7. You are welcome to create a user account with AsahiParts.com. This will allow you to sign in and view the most current status of your orders. This includes orders that are Authorized, Pending, Declined, Processing, and Complete. When your order is complete, your credit card is charged and the tracking number is available when you sign in and go to "my account" and then proceed to "orders history".
  8. You are also welcome to purchase items as a guest if you do not wish to create a profile. However, your ability to track your orders progress and history is limited to email notifications.
  9. AsahiParts.com will honor requests to cancel orders as long as the request is received before the order is shipped. Since we typically do not update order status until the end of the day, it may be possible that your order has been shipped before it is marked shipped in our order system. We can not cancel an order that has been shipped in any circumstance. Once your order has shipped, you will be subject to the terms of our return/exchange policy.
  10. Pool wall deliveries are to be set up by appointment between the trucking company and the customer. If the trucking company is unable to make contact with the customer, a message will be sent from AsahiParts.com to the customer to alert them of the situation. If the customer fails to arrange delivery with the freight company within 2 business days after this message is sent, the wall may be sent back to AsahiParts.com and the shipping fee will be forfeited by the customer. If contact is made after this occurs, a new shipping fee will have to be paid by the customer.