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What is covered?

Defective parts that were made by Asahi Chemical Co. Ltd. only. Damaged parts are not necessarily defective. If the wall is rusting at the skimmer or the water return, this will most likely not be covered by warranty because leaky fittings are most likely the cause of this type of damage. Damage caused by extreme weather conditions are also most likely not covered. Damage that resulted from improper installation are also not covered. The warranty does not cover installation, water, chemicals, accessories, etc. It is important for customers to understand that Asahi does not manufacture liners, pumps, filters, hoses, returns, skimmers or covers. Because of this, we can only cover the steel and plastic components that make up the basic structure of your pool. If you are unsure about your warranty coverage, feel free to send us a message.


How is warranty coverage applied?

The warranty works on a prorated basis. This means that the price to purchase replacement parts for a pool purchased in 2006 will cost less than if the pool had been purchased in 2002. The retail value of all the defective parts is determined and a discount coupon is issued to the customer to purchase the warranty replacement items at AsahiParts.com.


How to start and process a warranty claim?

Send an email to support@asahiparts.com. You should receive a confirmation email with a ticket number almost immediately. If you do not receive a ticket number, please create your ticket manually here.

We will receive and review your claim. We will respond to your email address and either give you a quote or ask for more information. In order to give a warranty quote, we will require the following items:

  1. a legible copy or photo of your original receipt.
  2. one or two photos of the pool. taken from about 10 feet away.
    (this is helpful for us to see the frame color and size/design)
  3. one or two photos of the problem.
  4. If you need a pool wall, you can save $50 on your shipping if you provide a commercial address with a loading dock.
    (disregard item 4 if you do not need a pool wall)

If any changes to your claim need to be made, we will make them after we receive those four items from you. We will then tell you what to order and give you a discount coupon that is only valid one time.


How to purchase items at warranty prices?

Simply add your items to your shopping cart and apply the coupon code that we have provided to you. If your price does not reflect what we have discussed through email, do not purchase the items until the discrepancy is resolved. Send us an email informing us of the problem.